Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!
My friend Christa stopped by last week for a couple of days vacation and to get a game of soccer in. It was also her son's birthday and her pal Lyle got a cake from Krumbs.
A skull was requested and that was little Matthew got,
and i thought i throw in a chocolate skeleton hand on top, which boy doesn't like chocolate?
Grusel, Grusel like we say in the old home country.
Dr. Krumbsenstein

Welcome Anabel Lee

A little cake for a little lady. I made this for my friend Michelle from "Starting over without him"
Delicious raspberry mousse with chocolate cake, smelled up my whole refrigerator, mhh so yummy. she will bring the cake over to her friend which just had a new baby!
Well i hope the little lady get's to try some of her cake too. Otherwise there will be another birthday next year! and Krumbs will be there.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Visit at Cline Cellars

A couple of weeks ago I met the lovely Tanya Noujaim from Cline Cellars. She belongs to the Special Events team and invited my friend and photographer extraordinaire Curtis Meyers to come visit her at the winery. So we did.
It was my first time to visit Cline Cellars. I was looking forward to see the grounds and was not disappointed. What a site for an event. The gardens are beautiful and the barrel room looks magnificent with the set tables (see pic).
Next time you are in Sonoma take time and visit them. They are well known for their Zinfandels, which we sampled and enjoyed tremendously. We also found out that Tanya shares the love for soccer with us. A bond that can't be broken! Hopefully we can all enjoy watching a game sometime soon.
Thank you Tanya for inviting us, it was a great pleasure!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 15th annual inspiring hope gala

Krumbs was asked to make a cake this weekend for the annual inspiring hope gala that resembles the picture of a cake on the invitations. Well, we did try and it you be the judge how it came out. What a fun project, guys I really love my job!
I hope all of you like what you are doing as much as I do.